The most memorable and magical moments for Teacher Alesh – Sem 2/2019

The most memorable and magical moments for Teacher Alesh – Sem 2/2019

When I went to Thailand for a seventh time, the most unexpected thing happened. I was going to Thailand with my parents. A sentence I never thought I’d say. It was going to be a totally new kind of adventure. Apart from visiting interesting and beautiful places in Thailand, my parents also joined me on my first day at school. It was great I could share the experience of being a teacher in Thailand with them. At least for a short while. I always brought something for the kids. This time, I brought jelly candy and stickers of Slovakia for all the primary school pupils.

Holidaying with my parents at Koh Kood, the most beautiful Thai island I’ve been to

Friday, November 1, 2019 was the first working day and the beginning of my third term teaching. I received the warmest welcome from the kids. I didn’t expect it at all. I didn’t expect such excitement. They were so happy to see me return. I was being very emotional and my heart was filled with joy. They loved me and I loved them.

First Monday of my third term was equally amazing! I taught kindergarten classes 3/3 and 3/4. I enjoyed the classes very much. So much positive energy. So many smiles! One cannot not love these kids.

A crazy lunch break with second graders. We loved each other. Well, not always. They would also drive me crazy and make me want to catapult myself off to the moon.

Drinking coffee was one of the best parts of the day. Teacher Pin was my Thai co-teacher of Grade 2

Learning about emotions with the 4th grade by means of making masks. Such an enjoyable class. ❤

Just a few photos from the scouts camp with the lower grades (1-3).

I loved my 3rd graders so much. The kids loved to take photos with me. Especially after I had started using our photos in my teaching.

I celebrated my birthday twice while working in Dan Khun Thot. First, during my first semester teaching in 2018. And these are the pictures taken on my birthday a year later.

As I have already written I gave a special class on clothes. So this is when a lesson about clothes turns into a funny fashion show. Or when 4-year-olds wear your clothes.

I mentioned in my previous post that I had been a notable teacher each and every semester I taught at the Dan Khun Thot school. I was always pleased to have been awarded this title. Being recognized for all the effort I put into teaching was important to me.

I am a notable teacher for a third time
My third notable teacher certificate

It was the last year of the year 2019. New Year’s Celebration. I was sitting in the classroom just waiting for the New’s Years holiday to start. And then I was paid an unexpected visit by the kindergarten teachers. They came to wish my a happy new year and brought me cake. It was the sweetest surprise. Best surprises are unexpected ones.

I had a lovely surprise when the kindergarten teachers stopped by
That moment when the number of your roommates doubles. One of my favourite pictures.
Tawan was my former kindergarten pupil. His positive energy and smile were disarming
Valentine’s Day 2020
Valentine’s Day 2020

As I have written before, teaching the smallest kids was challenging just as much as it was rewarding. I often thought that if cuteness could bloom, Thai kids would be all flowers. I am going to finish this post with a series of pictures of some of the many nice moments teaching at the Dan Khun Thot kindergarten.

Kindergarten class 3/4…
…was one of my favourites.

If you haven’t read about the most memorable moments from the first semester, go ahead and click here: THE MOST MEMORABLE AND MAGICAL MOMENTS FOR TEACHER ALESH – SEM 1/2019.

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