The famous bridge of Mandalay

The famous bridge of Mandalay

On my second day in Mandalay I wanted to go and see the U Bein bridge. But then I changed my mind. And then I changed my mind one more time. I rented a bicycle and went there. It turned out to be the best decision.

I just wanted to see the bridge. A lot of people go there for sunset viewing. But there was so much more than just the bridge. If you step off the bridge you will be captivated by the multitude of life scenes all around it. It’s a live mish mash of daily life that is almost surreal.

People working on the field near the lake
The first glance at the U Bein bridge
A lonely fisherman
A beach lined with tables and chairs to relax in
Monks walking across the bridge
Hundreds of people cross the bridge every day
There are countless ducks around the lake

People including monks walking across the bridge. Other people riding motorbikes or bicycles along the bridge. People chilling at the refreshment shacks selling fresh coconuts.  Other people taking a boat trip to get that nice sunset view. Fishermen fishing on boats or just wading in the shallow lake. A woman watching her flock of ducks and a man shouting at his. Some people seemingly living there. There was even Mr. Owl – a palmist and a fortune teller.

Motorbikes parked next to a sunflower field
Ducks answering the call of their owner to come and eat
A simple dwelling near the lake
Taking a closer look at the dwelling
The ducks are going back into the water
Me, happy about the trip
Refreshing myself with a coconut

Stray dogs running or lying around. Loads of ducks dotting the shore of the lake and birds flying low over it. Motionless buffaloes looking around. Vividly green fields spreading on the shores of the lake. There is sunflower. There is rice. Corn. And vegetables. In the distance there are temples and pagodas. What did I miss? Oh, yes. Tons of rubbish all around this amazing place.

U Bein bridge is the most fascinating and one of the most amazing places I saw in Myanmar. A keen photographer can take the picture of a lifetime there.

Looking around from the bridge
People on boats going to watch the sunset
The fields around the lake
One of the restaurants by the lake
Crossing the bridge myself
Sun is slowly setting down
Sunset at the U Bein bridge
A food vendor

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