The Chief Peaks Trail and the Shannon Falls

The Chief Peaks Trail and the Shannon Falls

After successfully hitchhiking for the first time in Canada, I went hiking again.

It was a short but strenuous hike. There are three peaks so the trail goes up and down, up and down, and once again up and down. You can go to the third peak directly but that trail would have been torture for me going up. It was virtually no trail just rocks, tree trunks and branches all over the place as if there had been a gale or something. The less difficult trail still felt like going up a dry water slide at times.

Chief Peaks – Hike’em or climb’em
The view from one of the lower peaks
One could easily fall down

Shannon Falls were off the trail and a nice bonus. Massive and impressive. One of the most spectacular waterfalls I’ve seen.

On a sidenote, there are a few animals which might pose danger to people. Two kinds of bears, and the cougar supposedly being the most dangerous. Two weeks before the hike, I had heard about bear bells for the first time ever. They are supposed to scare bears off. I hadn’t bought one though.

The view of Squamish from the third peak
What a scruffy hiker. I don’t have those clothes, shoes and glasses anymore.
Shannon Falls
Looking back at the Chief Peaks

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