Slovakian ways .:. Travelling during the times of corona (2)

Slovakian ways .:. Travelling during the times of corona (2)

My bicycle had finally been repaired and so I could start biking more. I decided to combine biking and travelling by train. It’s possible to transport bicycles on trains so why not try it?

A day trip to Zlaté Moravce

I biked to the city of Zlaté Moravce, 46 kilometres away from my hometown and went back by train. It was my first time travelling with a bicycle in Slovakia. I stopped at a beautiful monastery in Hronský Beňadik.

Practical information:

City: Zlaté Moravce

Transportation route I: A bus from Nitra (the largest city around) to Zlaté Moravce

Transportation route II: A train from Šurany (on the southern railway line) to Zlaté Moravce

My first time travelling with a bike in Slovakia

A day trip to Štrbské Pleso

On the following day, my mom and I went to Štrbské Pleso. It’s a mountain town at the foot of the Tatry mountains and it can be used as a base for going on hikes in the mountains.

We just took a day trip there. It’s quite far. Around four hours one way, but why not? I have done a lot of travelling so I don’t mind travelling for 8 hours to visit a beautiful place.

We had a quick lunch there and took a walk around the mountain lake of the same name. We were super lucky with the weather. The sky hadn’t been so blue in weeks. One of the highlights was taking a 50 year old rack (cog) railway. At the time I had no idea it was going to be my last time on that train. Just a few weeks later it was closed for reconstruction after which brand new trains will run there.

Practical information:

Place: Tatry mountains

Town: Štrbské Pleso

Transportation route I: A tram from Poprad (the largest city around) to Štrbské Pleso

Transportation route II: Rack railway from Štrba (on the northern railway line) to Štrbské Pleso, currently replaced by a bus service

A 50 year old rack/cog railway (currently closed for reconstruction)
Štrbské Pleso and the Tatry mountains
Štrbské Pleso

Hiking in the Muránska Planina National Park

Now that I’ve tried travelling with my bike, why not take it and travel for a couple of days. I had done some searching for interesting cycling routes in Slovakia and one of them was the Hnilec river cycling  route. And so I went on a trip on which I combined three of my favorite activities: hiking, biking and travelling by train.

On the first day, I went on a hike in the Muránska Planina National Park. It’s one of Slovakia’s nine national park located in the central part of the country near the city of Brezno. I took a train to Brezno, found a place to stay and took a bus to the village of Muráň where the trailhead was. I hiked 26 kilometres across the national park to the region of Horehronie. The most beautiful place was the viewpoint Poludnica. I was there completely alone and the views were absolutely stunning.

Practical information:

Place: Muránska Planina National Park

Village: Muráň

Transportation: A bus from Brezno (the largest city around) to Muráň

The Poludnica viewpoint (Muránska Planina national park)
Muránska Planina national park

Biking along the Hnilec river cycling route

I spent the night in Brezno and took an early train to the village of Dedinky. That’s where the 70 kilometre long Hnilec river cycling route starts. Dedinky is a picturesque village at the southern edge of the Slovak Paradise national park. I love this place.

I started biking at 8 am. I loved the first half of route more than the second one. It was more beautiful and the path was more varied and safer as I didn’t cycle on the main road as much as later on. I reached Margecany, the end of the route after 4 hours and 15 minutes of cycling (including a 30-minute break). It took me less than I had expected. And I enjoyed it very much.

Practical information:

Place: Hnilec River Basin, Spiš region

Starting point: Dedinky village

Destination: Margecany village

Transportation: A train from Brezno (the largest city around) or Margecany (going from the opposite direction) to Dedinky

Length: 69 km

The village of Stratená
Palcmanská Maša dam and the village of Dedinky
Palcmanská Maša dam and the village of Dedinky
A church in the Švedlár village
A beautiful scenery along the way
The Hnilec river cycling trail

Hiking in the Slovak Paradise National Park

The fourth day of my trip. I spontaneously decided to bike to the Slovak Paradise National Park to go hiking. It’s one of my favourite national parks because every hike in the park is an adventure. Slovak Paradise is famous for gorges through which you can hike on wooden or metallic bridges and ladders which make the hikes really exciting. Some of the ladders are really high so it can make your head spin around. I had been there before, and after 9 years I decided to go again. To do one hike at least.

After the hike I biked up a hill through the same national park only to take a train back home. It was an awesome day. All of my three favorite activities on a single day!

Practical information:

Place: Slovak Paradise National Park; Piecky Gorge

Village: Hrabušice

Transportation route I: A bus from Poprad (the largest city around) to Spišský Štvrtok and another one to Hrabušice

Transportation route II: A bus from Spišská Nová Ves to Hrabušice

Entrance fee: 1.50 euros

Looking down
Hiking, biking and travelling by train in one day

A day trip to Špania Dolina and Hronsek

My parents were going to travel by car and so it was an opportunity to share a ride and take a trip. First, I went to Špania Dolina, a picturesque village in Central Slovakia, where there used to be copper and silver ore mines. As a result, there is a museum and an educational trail dedicated to the rich mining history of the village. There is also a unique set of miner houses built of wood and stones. What I liked best though was the scenery.

Practical information:

Village: Špania Dolina

Transportation route: A bus from Banská Bystrica (the largest city around) to Špania Dolina

It was a short visit and so I had the whole afternoon to spare. And so I went to the village of Hronsek. Slovakia boasts dozens of beautiful wooden churches, 8 of which are UNESCO listed. One of the eight churches is in Hronsek and it was one of the few I had not seen.

Practical information:

Village: Hronsek

Transportation route: A train from Zvolen or Banská Bystrica (the two largest cities around) to Hronsek

WThe city castle in Banská Bystrica

A type of train used in mining
Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord (Špania Dolina)
A type of train used in mining
The stunning view of the Špania Dolina village
A typical house of miners
A bellfry by the church in Hronsek
The UNESCO listed wooden church in Hronsek
A manor house in Hronsek

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