Myanmar – first impressions

Myanmar – first impressions

Round the world trip – day 170. I wanted to start exploring the town the day before right after I had crossed the border but I was dead tired and spent the afternoon napping.

I’m going to cross the border on foot
Leaving Thailand and entering Myanmar along with hundreds of other people
My first meal in Myanmar. Vegetarian, indeed!

I had some time to spare before my bus left for Yangon. So I just walked around the town for a few hours watching the day go by and people engaged in their daily activities.

I passed by a school right at the beginning. It was 9 am and the children were lined up in front of their classrooms and they started signing. I wasn’t sure yet if they started every day like that but what I was sure about was that it was beautiful. I wanted to see it again.

A hidden pagoda in Hpa-An
The streets of Hpa-An
Thit Hta Man Aung Pagoda, Hpa-An
Fresh produce lining the streets
Let’s have a snack

I saw a few pagodas and there seemed to be just as many churches. I walked along the streets, around the local market and then came across another school. I couldn’t resist going inside and peeking into the classrooms through the open door. There were some of the loveliest schoolchildren I had ever seen and so much positive energy. I could interact with them from the hall for hours but I was not sure if the teachers that were present would have liked it. I loved it.

I couldn’t resist entering a school when passing by
Schoolchildren in Myanmar
Interacting with children when I travel is one of the best things

And then? 280 km and 7 hours on a bus. And to my great surprise the bus terminal was located further than the airport. Like whaaaat? So another hour in a taxi. But I didn’t pay a single kyat (the local currency). A local who was on the same bus helped me out.

A local bus parked on a street
A woman doing the laundry
Friendly locals
A local vendor at a pagoda

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