My round the world trip backpack

My round the world trip backpack

One of the most frequent questions that people asked me before I left was what I was going to pack. About two years ago I decided to start travelling light. What does it mean? A backpack weighing approximately 8 kilograms. Why? It saves you money, time as well as trouble. My first trip like this was to South America.

Packing for a round the world trip was a bit different. It’s not really about how long you travel because if you can make it with little stuff for a month, you can make it for a year, too. It’s more about the different places you want to visit and different climate and weather you will have along the way. As a mountain lover I knew I would need some warm clothes. But I also want to travel across Southeast Asia where there is tropical climate and those flip-flop might come in handy.

I had a big dilemma before leaving. Take a sleeping bag or not. I wasn’t going to take a tent because I didn’t have one but I knew I might need a sleeping bag if I wanted to go hiking in Central Asia and see the most beautiful places. I decided not to take it. For a year long trip during which time I would maybe spend less than a month in the mountains it didn’t make sense. And now I’m really happy I don’t have one. I found other options and I am glad I don’t have to carry that extra weight.

So eventually I managed to pack what I thought I would need. The result? Not 8 kilograms. When I weighed the backpack it was somewhere between 11 and 12. Not too bad for a year. I decided it was ok. I was going to take what I packed, see how it would go and perhaps I would get rid of some stuff along the way. The backpack might weigh less now. So let’s have a look at what I packed.


Four T-shirts and a short-sleeved shirt, two pairs of shorts and shorts for swimming, two pairs of trousers (one pair for hiking, one pair for other use), two long-sleeved T-shirts, a sweater, pyjamas, a softshell jacket, a scarf, a winter cap, a pair of gloves, a summer cap, underwear including long thermal underwear for hiking in cold weather, a few pairs of socks and a small sized towel. I only have one jacket, not particularly warm but I prefer wearing more layers (e.g. a T-shirt, long-sleeved T-shirt, a sweater and a jacket). It’s a better strategy for travelling to places with different climate than having different jackets for each type of climate. I thought I packed too many clothes especially T-shirts. But then again I didn’t want to do laundry every day. I have used everything so far apart from the shirt which I am saving for special occasions :-). I left my pyjamas at one of my host’s place and lost my cap. But then I found one in the mountains. You lose a cap, you find a cap. If I keep losing stuff, I will travel really light soon.



I usually take these things in travel sizes – shampoo, shaving foam, everything in small bottles. I couldn’t find small sunscreen lotion this time, so I have a 300ml bottle. Imagine having everything like this. No way! As for medicine I take much less stuff than I used to. Something for digestive problems – the most common health problems when travelling. Painkillers, a thermometre, plasters and something for cleaning wounds (I already skinned my knees when running like crazy in Astana). EARPLUGS – the single most important thing in this category. For when you have a bear snoring in your hostel room, that’s the worst thing ever. One could torture me with this sound and all secrets are out 🙂 I also took a repellent to protect myself against mosquito bites and malaria and other diseases.

Cosmetics and medicine


A raincoat, glasses and sun glasses, headlamp, batteries, pens, a small spoon/fork, a padlock, a special money belt, a money pocket, a powerbank and an MP3 player.

Practical stuff


Money, passports, train tickets, vaccination card, insurance card, etc.

Money and documents

This is my companion – my 50l backpack when I was done packing. It’s been my companion for over ten years and has seen four continents. His name is Tibet Extrem. Born (=made) in Slovakia:-)

My round the world trip backpack

I  have got used to the weight by now. I often left some stuff at my hosts’ when I went hiking. But I have hiked with all the stuff once and it was okay. 8 Hours, more than 20 kilometres, 700m altitude difference.

Travel light! It’s so much better!

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    1. I totally forgot to respond. In Kazakhstan, I went camping with a CS guy and they had tents and we went to a shop and rented sleeping bags for two days. It was cheap. And in Kyrgyzstan, I hiked on trails where there were campsites where you could stay in tents or yurts, and sleeping bags could be provided, in yurts there were mattrasses and bedding. And everything was cheap. And for instance, in Australia, I needed a sleeping bag and I got one for free at a hostel. Sometimes people leave things behind, pass it on, you use it and then pass it on, too. It wouldn`t have made sense to carry a tent and a sleeping bag for 365 days, when I needed it for 20 or 30 days. There are always options 🙂

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