Lake Garibaldi took my breath away! Twice!

Lake Garibaldi took my breath away! Twice!

When I arrived in Canada, I had no idea Garibaldi Lake and Garibaldi Provincial park existed. My Korean couchsurfing host Jay who hosted me in Vancouver was a keen hiker like me and he recommended me to hike there. I remember his words like: “You have to go to Garibaldi Lake bro.” Little did I know when I decided to take his advice how stunningly beautiful Lake Garibaldi would be.

And so, while I was staying in the town of Squamish I decided to go on a hike to this lake. How did I get to the head trail? I hitchhiked of course. There was no public transport. I got the first ride to the turnoff and then another one to the head trail. Yes, baby!

When I started hiking, I only wanted to do the Lake Garibaldi trail. While I was hiking up the weather was far from being ideal for hiking and good views. But just when I reached the lake the weather cleared up and even the first glimpse of the lake took my breath away (the first time). I was super lucky with my timing.

The first glimpse of Lake Garibaldi
Garibaldi Lake
Garibaldi Lake
Garibaldi Lake

I spent there about an hour taking in the beauty of the place and munching on my lunch while drying my sweaty T-shirt. After an hour the weather changed dramatically, and I could no longer see the sky or mountain peaks.

The weather an hour after I came
The last glimpse of the lake. So different from the first one

I thought I would go down but I didn’t. As usual I went bananas and hiked another trail called the Panorama ridge trail. I actually wanted to go to a different place but taking short sections of different trails, considering whether or not to go on at each junction, I ended up climbing the Panorama ridge. A strenuous hike it was. The trail was still covered in snow, but I managed to go all the way up. And it was so totally worth it.

The peak I wanted to hike to but didn’t
Looking back at the lake hiding behind the trees
The Panorama Ridge – where I didn’t plan to go but ended up going

When I reached the top there were clouds all around me. I couldn’t see a thing. I was pleased I had made it to the top, but something was missing. The stunning view I longed for! But I was lucky again! I patiently waited for the weather to clear up. And it did! And so, I could enjoy one of the most amazing views I have ever had! The lake took my breath away for a second time.

At first I couldn’t see anything. But the weather improved
The weather improved more
The weather improved even more
The stunning view of Garibaldi Lake after the weather improved

The combination of the Garibaldi Lake and Panorama Ridge trails turned out to be one of the most rewarding hikes in Canada for me and the places were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I highly recommend these hikes.

Looking at the other side of the ridge

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