Hiking Roy’s Peak in New Zealand

Hiking Roy’s Peak in New Zealand

Round the world trip: Day 313. I went hiking again. Or tramping as they call it in New Zealand.

Roy’s Peak Track. 16 km return. 1.228 m elevation difference. 2 hrs 20 mins up, 1 hr 25 mins down.

The weather wasn’t as good as the day before but good enough. Not as they said in the forecast.

The track was muddy in parts. The hardest part was closer to the top. It was covered in frozen, icy or melting snow. Melting snow was good for going down though. But no deep snow so I made it to the top in my low shoes.

Hiking up with Lake Wanaka behind me
The scenery is starting to be more interesrting
Met some hikers who took a photo of me
The scenery at around the viewpoint
Very excited about the views
The view of the other side
The top is not very far any more
Taking in the views while hiking up

The first part wasn’t too interesting as the scenery didn’t change much. But once I reached the viewpoint located some 1.5 km from the peak, it blew my mind. Stunning. Still nothing compared to the very top. Breathtaking. I spent there one hour despite the strong, cold wind. ALONE!! Enjoying the view. It was exhilarating. I was happy and grateful.

Hitchhiking there took me a while. But going back I hitched a ride in two minutes or so.

Lake Wanake and the city of Wanaka
The view from the top
I was thrilled to be at the top
I loved it although it was super cold there
The sun is shining in the distance but I’m in the shade
Another shot of the beautiful Lake Wanaka
The stunningly beautiful scenery at the foot of the mountains

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