Going down the memory lane

Going down the memory lane

In autumn 2019, I only spent 12 days in Europe in between two terms teaching in Thailand. A few days in Prague and a few days in Slovakia.

And while spending some time at my parents’ I went on a spontaneous biking trip. It turned out to be a beautiful autumn day and the trip felt like going down the memory lane.

Seeing the weather in the morning I couldn’t stay at home. I had to go out. I wanted to go biking but had no bike. I had to borrow one.

On the way to Kopanice, a separate part of my hometown
Moderštôlňa reservoir in Kopanice
Moderštôlňa reservoir in Kopanice
Autumn is a very colourful season
The view of Sitno, the highest peak of the Štiavnica mountains protected area
Lake Veľká Richňava

I did a circuit I used to like as a child. The trip reminded me of my childhood. I hadn’t biked around my hometown for over a decade. Or perhaps more than 15 years!! At least I thought so.

Beautifully colourful. Colourfully beautiful. Stunning views. Great path. Exciting ride. Rustling of leaves under the tyres. I loved it. I love warm and sunny autumn days.

What were my thoughts after the trip? ‘I miss Europe!’

The view of Vindšachta reservoir in Štiavnické Bane
The view of Sitno from a different direction
The UNESCO listed city of Banská Štiavnica
Ottergrund reservoir in Banská Štiavnica

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