Fallin’ in love with Australia

Fallin’ in love with Australia

I’m fallin’ in love again. With another country.

Someone once told me Australia was boring. I should go to New Zealand. I beg to differ.

The vastness, the remoteness of the Outback is impressive. The first time I’d heard about Australian Outback was when I was watching the second season of my favourite TV show Survivor. That’s where they filmed it. Fifteen years later it’s me in the Outback.

The view of Alice Springs
The view of Alice Springs
The view of Alice Springs
An old telegraph station

I love the chance encounters with animals. I don’t have to go to a zoo which I dislike anyway. I was lucky to see and get close (6 meters) to wild wallabies (small cousins of kangaroos) and even closer to galahs (pink breasted cockatoos). I have been here seven days and seen white cockatoos, kites, eagles, wild horses, camels, loads of birds including some green parrot like ones. It’s not too often but when it does happen I’m excited.

Galahs in a tree
Paintings on a house always draw my attention
Dry Todd River
Wallabies resting in the shade
Wallabies resting in the shade

I’m in Alice Springs the largest town along the 2800 km long Stuart Highway perhaps halfway between Darwin and Adelaide.

The highlight of today was Mt Gillen where I hiked in the late afternoon. It offers a 360° view of Alice Springs, other towns, McDonnell mountain ranges, everything. I was there all alone. That’s the way I like it. The cool breeze, the stunning views, the sheer drop of perhaps 100 meters. I loved it.

More galahs in a tree
Road signs from the series ‘Only in Australia’
Warning signs from the series ‘Only in Australia’
Mount Gillen

I rented a bicycle. Different shops offer bikes at different prices – 25, 40 and also 65 dollars. I went for the cheapest one indeed. Still it’s the best one I’ve rented in over nine months.

Days are hot and dry with the cool breeze being a nice refreshment. It’s not humid so it’s much more pleasant than the tropics. The nights are rather cold. I’ve been told that it doesn’t rain in the Northern Territory for six months. Not a single day of rain. The sky is nice and blue all days long. Pretty much cloudless. Supposedly because of low humidity the views are great all day.

What more to add? Can’t wait to see more.

Happy me at the top of Mount Gillen
The view from Mount Gillen
The view from Mount Gillen
The view from Mount Gillen
Going down
Going down while enjoying the view

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